Cuong Lu UX Designer


I'm Cuong Lu, a UX Designer with a curious mind and determined drive to solve problems.


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Personal Summary

I help intersect business and customer needs through the process of user centered design. As a driven user experience designer, I am the champion of the user but always mindful of business needs for growth to enable success in this fast paced digital world.  After spending the more than a decade working as a Physiotherapist, Pilates instructor, Rehabilitation specialist and more recently pursuing my dreams of being a chef, I draw upon these past experiences by integrating my creativity, analytical mind and soft skills to apply it the exciting world of UX design. 

Much of my work as a Physio has been involved with professional and recreational athletes, and corporate executives, where expectations are high and timelines are tight. This taught me to build trust and rapport quickly, interviewing skills, people management, and empathy. My work as a chef taught me iterative experience design, the close feedback loop of creating an experience and analyzing how my guests enjoyed the food, dish presentation, drinks pairing and even seating arrangement taught me to listen to my customers and adapt accordingly. All these skills are being leveraged in my UX design process to create products that empower people and delight them in the process. 

Currently, learning by doing at LexisNexis with an agile team delivering software to help streamline legal documentation and communication between legal professionals and clients.

If you're looking for an awesome team member, a great problem solver and would like my help with a project then we should talk, my email is or to learn more about my professional journey continue onto my bio


UX design skills; requirements gathering, user research, user interviews, information architecture, design thinking, wireframing, prototyping, stakeholder management, pitch presentations, user testing.